Online Lesson

CLS online (private lesson)

"CLS online" is your online private lesson tailored for busy individuals, particularly business professionals. Our monthly curriculum is designed to meet your needs, focusing on:

Learning professional Japanese business communication, including business talk and email etiquette.
Acquiring Japanese business manners and communication skills.

【Japanese course】
Students can immerse themselves in learning business Japanese and essential business manners, preparing them for entry into a Japanese company.

Our teachers bring a cheerful and humorous approach to lessons, ensuring a lighthearted and enjoyable learning experience. Start your journey with "CLS online" today!

Lesson Fees
・1 lesson 30 min /1,500 yen (60min /3,000yen) 

※We will use Zoom,Skype or LINE. Please install the application in advance.
※We only accept credit card payments.

for more information, please email us directly. thank you! (Hanada)